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For those seeking a top-quality instrument at an entry-level price, we proudly present the DG Compass cajón. Made from MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard; an eco-friendly composite made from recycled wood fibers), the Compass features a 3-ply, 3.5 mm Baltic birch front-plate, a two-string tunable snare system, and a beautiful black polyurethane finish. With its rich, powerful sound, the DG Compass will inspire you and bring out the best in your playing.

  • Size: 49 x 29 x 29 cm
  • Sides: 10 mm in Medium Density Wood Fibre, black lacquer finish
  • Back: mm in Medium Density Wood Fibre, black lacquer finish
  • Front: 3.5 mm in 3 plies of Baltic Birch, polyurethanic finish
  • Snare system: 2 tunable steel strings


The Calima is a no-nonsense cajón for the novice and the professional alike. With an all-birch body, a 3-ply, 3 mm birch front-plate (tapa), and 2 tunable steel-string snares, this cajón is everything you want with nothing you don't. The resonant lows, cutting highs, and sensitive snare response of the Calima shine in any musical setting, and its top-quality construction is what you've come to expect from DG.

  • Size: 49 x 29 x 29 cm
  • Sides: 9mm in 9 plies of Baltic Birch
  • Back: 3 mm in 3 plies of Baltic Birch
  • Front: 3 mm in 3 plies of Baltic Birch
  • Snare system: 2 tunable steel strings
  • Finish: water based lacquer

cigano big

The DG Cigano ("Gypsy") was developed in conjunction with leading local flamenco percussionists specializing in the new "Madrid and Barcelona style." This style incorporates the heavy use of Afro-Cuban percussion, necessitating an instrument with both a pronounced snare sound as well as the volume to compete with congas and timbales. With its 3mm, 3-ply Baltic birch front-plate, 9-ply birch body, and 2 independently tunable steel-core strings mounted on our quick-release snare-system, the Cigano more than delivers the volume and sensitivity needed. In fact, the Cigano's unique features allow it to be heard in small venues without amplification- even over the heavy footwork of Flamenco dancers.

Watch the video of Manu Masaedo to the right to hear the Cigano for yourself.

  • Size: 49 x 29 x 29 cm
  • Sides: 9mm in 9 plies of Baltic Birch
  • Back: 3 mm in 3 plies of Baltic Birch
  • Front: 3 mm in 3 plies of Baltic Birch
  • Finish: water based lacquer
  • Snare system: 2 tunable independent steel strings with quick release device

yaqui 3

The Yaquí is perhaps one of the most unique cajóns within the DG line. Aside from the beautiful 2.5 mm Avio Birch front-plate (available in striking Makassar, Iris, and Rosewood veneers), the Yaquí features jingles attached to the center-post which vibrate lightly when bass-tones are played, adding an overall brightness to the tone. The sides and back of the instrument constructed of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified birch and are finished with an environmentally friendly water-based scratch-resistant coating.

The Yaquí has a very modern "bass drum and brushed snare" sound which can be heard on many recordings, including offerings from flamenco star Miguel Poveda ("Arte Sano") as well as supergroup UHF ("Bipolar"), both featuring cajón legend and DG artist Paquito González.

  • Size: 49 x 29 x 29 cm
  • Sides: 9 mm, 7 plies
  • Back: 6 mm, 5 plies
  • Front: 2.5 mm of Avio Birch specially treated with various colours and patterns

chanela b

chanela rThe Chanela is the result of years of research and work towards an instrument with extraordinarily sensitive snare response while maintaining the rich sound for which DG is known. This cajón includes a specially designed snare mechanism which doubles the number of snare-strings from the standard 4 to up to 8, resulting in breath-taking sensitivity, and the 2.5 mm front-plate is constructed of 5 ultra-thin plies of Baltic birch for unparalleled tone. chanela d

chanela blThe strings are tensioned very loosely and are secured with special adhesive tape to eliminate unwanted buzz. Additionally, the entire snare mechanism can be easily removed to facilitate quick and simple string replacement.

chanela gThe Chanela is available in six different finishes.chanela h

  • Size: 49 x 29 x 29 cm
  • Sides: 12 mm in 9 plies of Baltic Birch
  • Back: 6.0 mm in 5 plies of Baltic Birch
  • Front: 2.5 mm in 5 plies of Baltic Birch

bravo r

The DG Bravo is our workhorse cajón- an instrument for any player and any musical situation. We've taken the flamenco-style cajón and stripped it down to its most essential elements to bring you a Back-To-Basics cajón like no other. The body of the Bravo is made from 100% first-grade birch plywood, and it features a thin 2mm, 4-ply birch front-plate for extra sensitivity (the same front-plate as our top-of-the-line Yaquí model), as well as a fixed snare-system with two steel-core strings. The Bravo is finished with a double coating of Sayerlack® water-based lacquer, and the front-plate comes standard in either Makassar or stunning Red Makassar. As with all of our instruments, the Bravo is handmade by DG artisans in our factory in Spain.bravo b

  • Size: 29x30x48 cm
  • Body: 9 mm  first quality birch plywood
  • Front panel: 2 mm first quality KoskiPly® birch plywood and Alpi® venneer
  • Back panel: 3 mm with sound hole reinforcement
  • Snare system: 2 steel core strings adjustable from the bottom with 6 strips of overtone control tape
  • Finish: Makassar or Red Makassar
  • Varnish: double layer of water based Sayerlack® lacquer

maestral 1

In another patented first from DG, we proudly present our flagship Maestral cajón- the world's first truly tunable cajón. Rather than using simple wood-screws to affix the front-plate to the body, the Maestral system uses 18 stainless-steel hex-bolts which screw into threaded brass inserts. The top 7 bolts also have counter-nuts to keep them at whatever tension you set them, no matter how hard you play. The Maestral system allows you to easily change front-plates in under 10 minutes to find the sound and look you want, even including custom printed front-plates.

The body of the Maestral is made from 9 mm first-quality birch plywood, and it comes standard with two interchangeable birch front-plates: one 2 mm and the other 2.5 mm. The snare-system features two independently adjustable steel-core strings, along with 6 Velloc® overtone control strips.

Because of its outstanding tone and versatility, the DG Maestral has quickly developed a devoted following, being played by percussionists Paquito González and Poti Trujillo onstage with legends such as Vicente Amigo and the late maestro Paco de Lucía. Watch the videos to the right to see how the DG Maestral will change the way you play cajón.maestral

  • Size: 29x30x48 cm
  • Body: 9 mm first quality birch plywood
  • Front panel: 2 mm first quality KoskiPly® birch plywood and Alpi® venneer
  • Extra panel: 2.5 mm first quality KoskiPly® birch plywood
  • Back panel: 6 mm - 0.23 inches first quality birch plywood with sound hole reinforcement
  • cajon Maestral Snare system: two individually adjustable steel core strings, with 6 Velloc® overtone control strips
  • Finish: Makassar, Iris
  • Varnish: double layer of water based Sayerlack® lacquer

zamboThe Zambo is two cajóns in one! Originally developed as part of a commission from London's Ensemble Bash, the Zambo features the DG Snare Throwoff (pat.pend. n. BO2003A000172) which allows players to quickly engage or disengage the snares depending on the sound they want. The snare tension can be fine-tuned via two small screws located opposite the throw-off knob.The snare mechanism itself features nylon-wound strings for a sound which is mellower and more earthy in comparison to our steel-stringed cajóns. When the snares are disengaged, the Zambo takes on the sound of a typical Cuban cajón; woody and almost bongo-like. 

The Zambo is constructed of birch plywood with a 3-ply, 3 mm birch front-plate for projection and sensitivity.

  • Size: 12.5x12x19.5 in
  • Sides: 12 mm, 9 plies
  • Back: 6 mm, 5 plies
  • Front: 3 mm, 3 plies

Sound: This model has two very different sounds. It features a removable snare mechanism with nylon wound strings, so it's a bit less aggressive than the other snare cajones. With the snares on it has a mellow, rootsy sound, with earthy basses; without it is quite similar to a bongo sound. Originally designed under specific request of London's Ensemble Bash, it had to be used without the snares in Cuban music contexts.

kiyoBuilding on the success of our original Kiyo model, the Kiyo 2 brings professional-level sound and innovative features to the entry-level market. The Kiyo 2 has an all-birch plywood body, and it features our patented Pre-Tuned Tapa system- a system unique to DG. We affix 10 snare-wires to the inner-side of the playing surface at optimal tension with high-strength thermic glue, allowing for a great, traditional snare sound without the the worry of actually tuning the wires. Like all DG cajóns, the Kiyo 2 is entirely hand-made at our factory in Spain.

  • Size: 49 x 29 x 29 cm
  • Sides: 9 mm in 7 plies of Birch
  • Back: 6.0 mm in 5 plies of Baltic Birch
  • Front: 3 mm in 3 plies of Birch

sirocoThe Siroco marks a collaboration between two of Spain's most revered cajón craftsmen: J. Leiva percussion and DG DeGregorio. Combining J. Leiva's ingenious, patented collapsable cajón design with the DG Maestral tunable/ interchangeable front-plate system, the Siroco represents a new level of portability and versatility. 

siroco 4The Siroco can be disassembled and put into its included carrying bag in under a minute. When collapsed, the Siroco measures 12x30x50 cm- only one-third of its original size- and can easily be placed in an airplane carry-on rack or under a seat. Because the Siroco is no bigger than a laptop bag or briefcase, it goes wherever you do.

But the real magic of the Siroco is its tone. Made from the finest birch plywood, the Siroco comes standard with two beautiful birch front-plates (a 2 mm with rosewood veneer and 3 mm natural birch), and it has the punchy low-end, crisp highs, and feather light snare response of all of our top-of-the-line DG cajóns. It also comes equipped with the DG quick-release snare system for easy independent adjustment of the snare wires.

Watch the videos to the right to see and hear the Siroco yourself.

siroco 1The mounting and dismounting operation takes less than a minute, and this amazing possibility does not affect the tonal qualities of the cajón, which are of the highest standard.siroco 3

Its specific dismounting compact core contributes containing resonance, thus making it the perfect cajòn for touring situations, with different stages and michrophones every night. It also features removable snare systems, so it is bringing in another useful maintenance option. Provided with a padded carry bag and an extra free sound board.

Siroco, the most complete and versatile cajón on the market.siroco 2

  • Size: 29x30x48 cm
  • Body: 9 mmfirst quality birch plywood
  • Frame: solid pine wood.
  • Front panel: 2 mm first quality KoskiPly® birch plywood and Alpi® venneer
  • Extra panel: 3 mm first quality birch plywood
  • Back panel: 6 mm first quality birch plywood with edge reinforcements
  • Snare system: two individually adjustable and removable steel core strings, with 6 Velloc® overtone control strips

kongoDesigned after the traditional Cuban cajóns made by the great Pancho Quinto, the Kongo is larger than our standard flamenco cajóns and does not feature a snare system. It has a low, earthy tone which is used in folkloric Cuban dance music, but which is also equally at home in pop/rock settings.

  • Size: 49 x 45 x 29 cm
  • Sides: 12 mm in 9 plies of Baltic Birch
  • Back: 6.0 mm in 5 plies of langBaltic Birch
  • Front: 3 mm in 3 plies of Baltic Birch

chinchaDG DeGregorio honors the Peruvian roots of the cajón with the Chincha. Made in the traditional Peruvian style with no snare, the Chincha is the essence of the cajón which our ancestors played.
Made from 100% FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified birch plywood, this instrument is coated with an environmentally friendly water-based scratch resistant coating to keep it looking good for years to come.

  • Size: 50 x 34 x 30cm
  • Sides: 12 mm in 9 plies of Baltic Birch
  • Back: 6.0 mm in 5 plies of Baltic Birch
  • Front: 3.5 mm in 3 plies of Baltic Birch

Sound: this model is made according to Peruvian standards, and it doesn't feature a snare.

siboneyAlong with its larger brother Kongo, the Siboney continues our line of Cuban style cajóns. Made in the traditional way without a snare, the Siboney is played using conga technique as well as modern finger techniques. Its sound opens up in the same way as a conga, but with a far woodier tone and more compact sustain.

  • Size: 49 x 29 x 29 cm
  • Sides: 12 mm, 9 plies of Baltic Birch.
  • Top: 3 mm, 3 plies of Baltic Birch.
  • Sound: This Cuban style cajòn is without snare. The sound is very similar to a conga's, and can be played with the same technique. It is also very interesting when played with the fingers.

kanyeroThe Kanyero model features an important innovation: the front plate is made with one of the strongest materials in the world, carbon fibre, which guarantees a longer life for the instrument.
Moreover, the acoustic qualities of this material provide more volume in comparison to wood, while keeping the same snare definition.
A hi tech instrument, extremely powerful, especially suitable for non amplified musical settings or for open air playing.

  • Body: 100% Birch, polyurethanic matte finish.
  • Size: 32 x 29 x 48 cm
  • Sides: 9 mm 7 plies
  • Back: 3 mm 3 plies
  • Front: 2,2 mm carbon fibre
  • Snare system: 2 tunable independent steel strings with quick release device

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DG De Gregorio

Founded in 2002 by drummer/percussionist Paolo DeGregorio, DG DeGregorio has quickly established itself as one of the premier artisan cajón makers in Spain.

Concentrating on traditional, handcrafted building methods, the extraordinary quality of DG cajóns very quickly attracted the attention of some of the greatest musicians in the world. From acclaimed Flamenco percussionists like Paquito González, Issac Vigueras, and Poti Trujillo, to jazz greats Ulysses Owens Jr. and Dave Weckl, to world-percussionists Tom Chapman, Marco Fadda, and Evelyn Glennie, to even superstars like Sheila E and Stewart Copeland, players from around the world and across the musical spectrum have found their voice in a DG cajón.

In addition to heading up DG DeGregorio Percussion, Paolo DeGregorio has dedicated himself to making his wealth of information about the cajón available to the drumming public via a trilogy of DVDs he has produced: the excellent documentary "Caminos del Cajón (the Ways of the Cajón)" which traces the origins of the cajón to three continents, as well as the instructional videos "Flamenco Cajón" with Paquito González and "Cajón Power!" featuring the inimitable Marco Fadda.

DG DeGregorio prides itself on its dedication to both the highest quality craftsmanship as well as ethical labor and environmental practices. This means that every cajón which bears the DeGregorio name has been produced at our shop in Spain by craftsmen who are treated with respect and dignity. No part of the manufacturing process is ever outsourced to other factories- or to other countries. And DeGregorio honors the forests which give us the materials for our cajóns by using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified woods and environmentally friendly coatings in the construction of our instruments. As a the final step in our manufacturing process, every cajón that leaves our shop is played by one of our Spanish craftsmen to ensure that it meets the high standards workmanship and tone for which DG DeGregorio is so famous.

With a DG DeGregorio cajón, you can be assured that you are getting an instrument that embodies our company ethos: "Quality and Culture"- outstanding quality instruments built in a culture of respect.